Monday, 6 October 2014

Dot mad knitting

Autumn is here and there's more than a hint of colder weather to come in the air so it's time to dig out the knitting needles and start making socks! (I will attempt to make some epic fair isle Cthulhu mittens at some point, but I wanted something easier to begin with.)

I found this rather yummy purple yarn a while back, which I of course added to my stash. It's Novita's Seitsemän veljestä and I think the colour is one their seasonal ones. I was toying with the idea of some sort of fair isle pattern,  but then I realised I don't have dotty woollen socks, so that was pretty muched sorted. I know you're all wondering how is that even possible? Believe me I'm stunned too.  After the realisation I took out a notebook and dotted down a few pattern suggestions.

My professional (ahem) pattern  (and the first version underneath) 

OK, maybe calling that a pattern is a bit too much. It's mainly a few scribbles on paper, but it helped me figure out the spacing and how big the dots should be. I was going to make the dot bigger to begin with, but it didn't look right so I went for option no 2. The needles  I'm using are 3 1/2 (european, I know the sizing different in the UK and US) and I have 48 stitches divided onto 4 needles. 

Sock no 1 in the making 

The first sock is coming along nicely as you can see. I think I'm going to make a few more rows befor starting with the heel. I'm going to continue with the dots in the front and maybe purple toes, but we'll see how they turn out. I'll post photos of the finished product once I get there.  Ovet&out now dear readers. 

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Love at first stitch - Delphine skirt

I got my copy of  Love at first stitch by Tilly from Tilly and the Buttons way back in May, but only just got around finishing the first project from it. I have to confess that I started the Delphine skirt almost straight away and got quite far with it and then I just stopped. The almost finished skirt sat on my dress form for most of the summer waiting to be hemmed. I blame my lack of sewing mojo (I should share the project that destroyed it), but it's finally done now and I'm really pleased with the result.

The book really is as awesome as the reviews say. There are 8 different projects in the book, each adds new skills to your repertoire, you can see all the projects at Tilly's blog. They are lovely, aren't they? I want to make all the projects from the book. As mentioned above my first project from the book was the Delphine skirt which is a simple yet stylish a-line skirt. Surprisingly enough I have a few black skirts in my wardrobe already, but some of them have started looking drab so this seemed like the perfect solution. The skirt is also long enough that I can wear it to work which is always good.

Love at first stitch and pattern pieces

I enjoyed making the skirt, it was fairly straight-forward and the instructions are so well illustrated that. I had to do a slight sway-back adjustment to the waistline, but that was simple enough and fits better now.  I just wish I would have noticed it before inserting the zipper rather than after, but then what would a project without spending some time with the seam ripper be? The invisible zipper was surprisingly easy to set (both times), we like.  I also ended up taking in the side seams in a bit cause the skirt looked a bit too wide when finished, but it still has the 60s style playfulness.

Black Delphine skirt and channeling Tilly

I'm definitely going to make another Delphine, probably a dotty one, I just need to a find the right fabric first. If you've seen any please point them in my direction, ta. I am very tempted to order the crazy hipster deer dotty fabric Tilly used, but I'm not sure that would be too weird/stalkerish. Anyhow I'm off to plan my next project, there is a good chance that it will be something from Tilly's book...Over&out for now dear readers.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

+5 stitches (and not the right kind) and -1 DIY skills

I had Monday off and I had big plans of getting loads of DIY done around the house. I was going to paint the kitchen walls, finally spray painting the ironing board legs I talked about back in Feb, change the curtains and do a bit of cleaning. I got to a good start before disaster struck.

I managed the first coat of paint in the kitchen and I thought I would spray paint the ironing board legs while waiting it to dry. Before I could start spraying I had to remove the two remaining plastic cap from the legs. The ironing board is pretty old so the caps were stuck and wouldn't come of with the help of screw driver so I thought it would be a good idea to cut them off with a carpet knife...a few second later I had the first cap off and the second almost there and a two inch gash on my left wrist/arm. I had to go and have it stitched at A&E and they're not the kind of stitches you're used to seeing in a sewing blog.

Offending plastic caps and the knife

Stitches (or rather just the plaster, the stitches would have too gruesome)

Surprisingly enough I didn't do much after I got home as it turns out I get rather queasy when seeing blood. It's day six after the cut and the arm/wrist isn't too bad. The area around the stitches is bruised and a bit sore if it touches anything but it doesn't throb or anything. I'm having the stitches out tomorrow which is pretty good.

I managed to spray paint the ironing board on Wednesday and then I left it to dry for a few days. It said it'll take seven days to dry on the can but that it would be touch dry after half an hour, go figure. Anyhow I finally managed to put the ironing board back together today and it does look pretty in pink.

Spray painting

Finished ironing board

I do think the ironing board looks much better than it used to, but I'm not entirely sure it was worth the hassle. Though I suppose the stitches are quite street-cred ... Anyhow lesson for today is beware of carpet knives dear readers! Over&out for now.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Tea party in Wonderland

I turned 30 a few months back (no crisis yet) and I had a loosely Alice in Wonderland themed garden party in July. Twas much fun and some of my favourite people where there and we had scones and tea and Pimms in a tea pot.  My amazing and very crafty friends made me the best and themed related presents ever which I must share with you. 

Pink Flamingo (or a crane in disguise) 

Mad Hatter's Hat

This fits me! So there is a good change I will end up walking around with this on my head. 
This Way, That Way, Wrong Way..? 

This was part of the party decorations and functional as some of the guests hadn't been to my rents' place where I had the party before. The sign was made my lovely parents, they were an awesome help with everything. Quite a lot of the decorations came from Ikea. Their Historisk range has pictures of tea pots, Victorian shoes and hats which we're perfect for the party. I also got black and white stripey fabric from there which I turned into table cloths, which is about the only sewing I've done in a while.  Unfortunately I didn't have my camera (or my phone) with me at the party. Twas a bit of a ohmigod I'm not going to have everything done in time mad rushing kinda day so I left at home which means there aren't very many pictures of the party or decorations, but here's a few ... 

Party Decorations 

And Martat (my sewing and crafting best gals) had been spying my blog (*waves*) and they got me the Disaster Design's Overnight Bag I'd been drooling over for ages. Thanks gals, I heart it. It is as cute in real life as it is in pictures and it's the perfect size for my travels. It's been tried and tested already. 

Disaster Design's Needle & Thread overnight bag

We've had a heatwave in Finland for the past month so I've been lazy with everything crafty, but I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things soon. I have a few unfinished and almost finished projects so watch this space! 

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Hooked on crochet

I wanted a portable summer project as I'm planning on spending some time at the summer house and taking the sewing machine and all related things is too much hassle. I was thinking of knitting some socks and maybe mittens, but then I found this amazing crochet book "Virkkuri" by Molla Mills and now I'm hooked.

The book has beautifully illustrated crochet instructions which came handy as it's been a while since I've picked up a hook. The patterns range from beginner to advance and there's patterns for summer bags and rugs and several chic black&white patterns for us who are colour challenged ,D

Virkkuri book 

Monochrome crochet

You may be able to tell from the pics that the book I have is in Finnish, but good news dear readers, the book has just been published in English as well. It's called the "Modern Crochet: crochet accessories and projects for your home".  Molla Mills the talented lady behind the book also has her own website which is both in Finnish and English so go and have a look. Molla has also written a follow-up book called Virkkuri 2: muotoja ja pintoja which also looks pretty good from a brief browse, it has a few dotty patterns so I'm sold.

Armed and dangerous..? 

So now I'm armed with a hook and some black and white yarn and instructions. The yarn I have is Novita's Huvila available almost everywhere in Finland. I'm planning on making the stripy summer bag but I suspect it wouldn't finish it until next summer. I'm also somewhat tempted with the clutch pattern that so we'll see what I come up with. I'll keep you posted on this one dear readers!